The Electronic Journal of e-Learning provides perspectives on topics relevant to the study, implementation and management of e-Learning initiatives
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Volume 2 Issue 1, Special Issue for ECEL 2003 / Jan 2004  pp1‑239

Editor: Roy Williams

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Editorial  pp1‑1

Roy Williams

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Combining traditional and virtual teaching techniques in cross‑border higher education  pp2‑11

Satu Alaoutinen, Jan Voracek

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The use of templates to manage on‑line discussion forums  pp12‑19

Shafqat Ali, Graeme Salter

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Navigation and ownership for learning in electronic texts: An experimental study  pp20‑31

Ursula Armitage, Stephanie Wilson, Helen Sharp

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The need for a strategic foundation for digital learning and knowledge management solutions  pp32‑43

Mehdi Asgarkhani

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Expected and acutal student use of an online learning environment: A critical analysis  pp44‑51

Nicola Beasley, Keith Smythe

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e‑Learning business research methods  pp52‑61

Jonathan Cowie

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Adopting a web‑based collaborative tool to support the Manchester Method approach to learning  pp62‑69

Philip Drinkwater, Christine Adeline, Simon French, Nadia Papamichail, Tudor Rickards

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The social shaping of a Virtual Learning Environment: The case of a university wide course management system  pp70‑81

William H Dutton, Pauline Hope Cheong, Namkee Park

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A cultural analysis of e‑Learning for China  pp82‑89

Tim Friesner, Mike Hart

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The entrepreneurial legacy for e‑learning  pp90‑95

MIsha Hebel, Rob Wirszycz

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Usability of a virtual learning environment concerning safety at work  pp96‑105

Heli Ihamaki, Inka Vilpola

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An initial evaluation of student withdrawals within an e‑Learning environment: The case of e‑College Wales  pp106‑113

Paul Jones, Gary Packham, Christopher Miller, Amanda Jones

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Understanding and reducing stress in collaborative e‑learning  pp114‑121

Naomi Lawless, John Allan

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A dual perspective on an online university course  pp122‑127

Jorgen Lindh, Carol-Ann Soames

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Web‑based course management and web services  pp128‑137

Chittaranjan Mandal, Vijay Luxmi Sinha, Christopher Reade

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A government crossing the digital divide to promote ICT for adult learners  pp138‑151

Karen Neville

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A tutorial task and tertiary courseware model for collaborative learning communities  pp152‑159

Julian Newman, Helen Lowe, Steve Neely, Xiaofeng Gong, David Eyers, Jean Bacon

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CaseMaker: An environment for Case‑Based e‑Learning  pp160‑173

Rikke Orngreen

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Adaptive learning environments and e‑Learning standards  pp174‑187

Alexandros Paramythis, Susanne Loidl-Reisinger

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Evaluating e‑labs' experimentation  pp188‑195

Michel Plaisent, Lassana Maguiraga, Prosper Bernard, Samir Larhrib

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Web services architecture for M‑Learning  pp196‑209

Sushil K Sharma, Fred L Kitchens

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The development of language for implementing IT within a learning organisation  pp210‑219

Adrian Small, Petia Sice

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Designing competency based e‑Learning initiatives  pp220‑229

Giota Xini, Kostas Petropoulos

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A change process at German University ‑ Innovation through Information and Communication Technologies?  pp230‑239

Peter Zentel, Katja Bett, Dorothee Meister, Ulrike Rinn, Joachim Wedekind

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Keywords: ICT, higher education, innovation


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